Our Team

Yehuda Naftali
  • Yehuda Naftali
  • Chairman of the Board and Founder

Mr. Naftali has been serving as the Chairman of the Board at Big Shopping Centers, Ltd since December 27, 2007 and created BIG Shopping Centers USA, Inc. in 2010. His early real estate career began in West Hollywood and the Los Angeles Westside. With more than 35 years of experience in the business Yehuda specializes in construction, management, offsite locations, and pioneered the open-air shopping center concept in Israel.

His accomplishments have led to great success and he continues to hold an active role in BIG’s growth by navigating the company’s goals and strategies.

Eitan Bar Zeev
  • Eitan Bar Zeev
  • Chief Executive Officer

Eitan Bar Zeev is an economics graduate of the highly acclaimed Hebrew University of Jerusalem, known for Board Governors such as Albert Einstein and their eight Nobel Prize winners throughout the last decade alone. Mr. Bar Zeev is the Chief Executive Officer for Big Shopping Centers, serving as the principal leader for the implementation of BIG’s overall business strategies in all markets around the world.

Prior to joining BIG in 2004, Mr. Bar Zeev functioned as the President of the McDonald’s Corporation in Israel over a period of 11 years. Eitan contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience in retail marketing and brand building to BIG’s portfolio and continues to forefront the company’s advancement.

Michael Bar
  • Michael Bar
  • CEO, BRAM | Executive VP, BIG Shopping Centers, USA
  • mbar@bram-usa.com
  • 480-878-7669

Michael Bar first joined Big Shopping Centers in 2008 after practicing law at Fisher Behar Chen & Co. (FBC), once of Israel’s largest law firms across the spectrum of integrative business legal services. With a European Master’s Degree in Law and Economics (LLM, MBA) focused on specific economic aspects in business, Mr. Bar navigated the parent company’s overseas business developments in India, Serbia and the United States.

He relocated to the U.S. in 2017 to oversee the portfolio operations for Big Red Asset Management (BRAM) as Chief Executive Officer.

Elad Pedy

Elad Pedy joined BIG (Israel) in 2010 as the Upper Controller for the BIG accounting team. Mr. Pedy has been the Chief Financial Officer for BIG Shopping Centers, USA and BIG Red Asset Management since 2015.

Mr. Pedy earned his MBA in Israel, he started his accounting career with E&Y Israel and is a licensed CPA.