BIG Goals


Excellence in Management of Our Properties and Brand

BIG will take all measurements to achieve optimal design, on time and within budget, in the execution of all its development projects. BIG will also do its utmost to preserve its reputation as a leading operator of shopping centers and the leading brand in its field.

Growth with Security

BIG aims to enlarge its portfolio of operating shopping centers in its global operation. BIG’s focus will be on acquisition of existing high quality shopping centers in the United States, alongside with relatively low risk development in its other markets.

Develop Our People

BIG is proud to have an excellent management team, with knowledge, experience and proven record. We believe that investment in our human resource is second to none in our ability to achieve our tangible targets.

Contribute to Our Communities and the Environment

BIG is actively involved in contribution to the communities around its shopping centers, both by creating non-profit activities for the joy and education of children in need and by significant monetary contributions to organizations operating for the well-being of such children in the municipalities where we operate.
On the environmental front, BIG started a project of covering the rooftops of its shopping centers with solar panels to produce green energy.